Friday, July 6, 2007

Apple Computer: Steal Differently

With all the buzz surrounding Apple Computer's art theft, I've found the courage to bring to light the fact that my own artistic expression also was brutally stolen by Steve Jobs and Co.

It all started when my mom packed in my brown lunch sack a tasty apple. I took the first bite. Then I placed it on my desk, and as I gazed down I realized I wanted to pay tribute to it's delicious and succulent flavor by immortalizing it in paint. It doesn't really matter that I was in Kindergarten when this all took place. The real issue here is my rights as an artist. This is my intellectual property. Apple has made millions and their logo has become a worldwide icon. I should be compensated for the painstaking hours I spent creating such a magnificent piece of work which they then ripped off for a profit.

As artists we all need to stand up against big bully corporations such as Apple. We have rights, and will not be pushed around any longer.

Engadget has an excellent article showing side by side comparisons of other artists that have been knocked off by Apple. Note to Apple: stop being a biter!
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