Friday, April 24, 2009

turtle burgers

islands fine burgers & drinks has had to spice up their menu to get people out of their houses and into their booths during this recession. they've added to their menu this limited time tahitian sea turtle burger, complete with the shell as a take home souvenir, exclusive to islands fine burgers & drinks.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the coolest bookshelf on the block

this has got to be the raddest bookshelfs out there right now. i would kill to have a piece this cool hanging on one of my many empty white walls.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i want a pony like this!

paul smith is very well known for using his signature stripe on all things from his hangtags to his products and even to a mini cooper.

but this usage of striping is by far the fiercest.

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the ABC's....from google earth

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i love diet coke...but not that much

i love LOVE LOVE diet coke. but i don't think i'd ever go as far as to drink diet coke with bacon.
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best man FAIL

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forget kayaking, surfing, parasailing...all ocean excursions

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couture yummies

suck it like paris hilton, lindsay lohan, and all the celebrity fashionistas with couture suckers. flavor varieties: chanel grape, YSL wild cherry, chanel green apple, gucci juicy pomegranate, and louis vuitton watermelon. yummy!

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google search engine questions

do pirates take baths?
can i eat my own poop?
are pirates better than ninjas?

all questions that google can definitely answer for you...
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jesus totally would've used the dinosaurs as transportation

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fast food..mmm mmm delicious!

a side by side comparison of fast food advertising images and the real deal. makes me wanna run out to grab a big mac pronto!

mcdonald's big mac

wendy's chicken club sandwich

mcdonald's sausage breakfast burrito

to see more nastiness, click here.
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