Sunday, May 3, 2009

i just had a hankering for some of this...

when i was a child i wasn't allowed to drink much soda. for some reason i think my mom thought ginger ale wasn't as bad for us as real soda. so we sometimes would come home and find a treat in the fridge: a 6-pack of canned schweppes raspberry ginger ale.

recently i found myself having a hankering for something bubbly yet fresh, which reminded me of the deliciously refreshing taste of schweppes raspberry ginger ale. i'm saddened every time i walk by the "alternative" soda shelf in the grocery store where all the tonic, soda water, and ginger ale is stored. every time i glance down in the hope of catching a glimpse of my long lost childhood friend. alas, all i find is regular ginger ale or diet ginger ale...which only conjures up memories of laying in bed eating saltine crackers and watching movies on a sick day.

i did a little online research and found that schweppes does in fact still produce this fizzly pink liquid, they just don't sell it many places in the states anymore. if i were to happen upon it, i think i would stock up and clear the store out. oh schweppes, won't you just save us the trouble and start shipping it in the states again??
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this kid has to have ADHD

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