Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bulgarian idol "ken lee" by mariah carey

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bills bills bills

re-facing government bills is fun! some of my personal favorites...

emo hair

i personally love this one... it's mr. peanut!


rainbow brite!


planet of the apes

the shocker

this ones just plain wrong



lincoln log

john waters

this ones just creepy


for more go here
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no matter how dumb you are, there will always be a job for you at albertson's as cake decorator...

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Monday, April 21, 2008

transformers...more than meets the eye

saw this the other day in the grocery store parking lot. one word... dooooouche

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

look good. feel good. do good. drink meat-water

forget gatorade. forget vitamin water. i'm guzzling the meaty flavors of krautkramer's meat water. it comes in many protein-licious flavors such as: beef jerky, beef stroganof, cheeseburger (robble-robble), chicken teriyaki, dirty hot dog, fish n' chips, hungarian gulash, italian sausage, peking duck, tandoori chicken, texas bbq, weiner schnitzel, and the newly released escargots chantecleer. i wish they had a chili dog flavor!

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sister meets guy on myspace. sister goes out with guy from myspace. sister gets reamed by brother for going out with guy from myspace.

raped in the butt! in the butt, myspace youtube in the butt!
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mario theme song played with rc car & bottles... this brings me back to childhood

this is so sick! some japanese looking guys lined up bottles and drove a remote control car by them to play the mario brothers theme song...
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

justice DVNO 80's old school TV bumpers - logo list here!

i'm loving justice's video for DVNO right now. it's loaded with all the classically old school 1980 TV bumpers (HBO, sega, NBC, PBS, etc.) I've tried to compile a list of all the retro logo promos and post screenshots for reference, so you don't have to play and pause the video a million times like i did. i still have some missing, so let me know if you find something that works and i'll fill it in here...

Ed Banger Records:

DVNO: Channel 4

The same, ashamed:

Story Telling part 1: NBC

Story Telling part 2: CBS Storybreak

eye: Hal 9000

One More Time: The Gong Show

No Offense (logo):

No Offense (shooting stars): Paramount


Yound and Old: This looks SO familiar. Someone suggested This Old House, but it doesn't match.

Ugly Girls & Boys: PBS

Slate with explosion: Showtime

Mayhem: MacGyver intro at 14 seconds

Only One Can Win: Similar in shading to the old Transformers intro (here or here), or it could be the original Terminator animated logo.


Ask My Name:




Belt: Top Gun

Cool: Kool Cigarettes or Audi, but some people think this looks like something else, with the grids forming the letters. We can't pinpoint what it may be, but it looks vaguely familiar.

Anyone read, anyone feel: Universal Studios Florida

Patience: Speculation that this is inspired by the Cheers logo

Pinball: Nickelodeon


DVNO: best guess here is orion?

Lipstick case explode: this looks pretty familiar, but i couldn't find anything

Girls: my best guess here is new york dolls...?

(Film Canister): Nickelodeon or Regal Cinemas

No Need to Ask My Name:

DVNO: Some people are thinking this is from Dianetics, the book by Ron L. Hubbard. If anyone thinks this looks familiar to something else, please let me know.

printed in gold: Cannon Films

even more: 20th Century Fox

Floating Cross: Michael and Friends

DVNO 4 Capital Letters:


paper J: Stephen J. Cannell Productions

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