Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vodka! in a Stapler! Only $19.95

Having a hard time at work curbing those alcoholic tendencies?? Here's the cure for you!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Kill Bill - Mario Brothers Style

This music brings back such great memories of childhood....
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Craigslist "Casual Encounters" Creepy Postings

Some of you might like to peruse Craigslist to find an apartment, perhaps a job or even a great deal on a used refrigerator or a musty old couch. Some people have begun using the multi-functional community posting tool as a way to connect with other people... in a very special way.

"Bottom for rape fantasty tonight/tomorrow"

"Submissive bottom here looking for one or more aggressive guys to come by late tonight or early morning. I'm staying at the Bensalem Hampton Inn. Room door will be unlocked and I'll be asleep. Just walk in, drop your shorts and bury your (who-ha) in my jock-strapped ass. Safe play only!"

"Safe fisting brings intense orgasms....Getting to be popular fun!"

"Experienced gentleman with smaller hands, looking for a woman who enjoys being fisted ..... curious newcomers welcome as well. If you've been there and done it, you already know and understand what's written below ..."


"Sodomy is the ultimate act of trust. You could really get hurt if you resist. But pushing past that fear, by passing through it, lite rally the joy that lies on the other side of convention ... If you're an atheist, you will get to know God experientially, from being (bleeped) in the ass."

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun Post Thanksgiving

I thought this was pretty great. Done by a friend of mine from high school, who's got some pretty great comics. Visit her site FartParty for more...
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Man Builds a Toilet Shaped House

He is known as South Korea "Mr. Toilet" for his campaigns as a politician to beautify public restrooms. Now, Sim Jae-duck is taking the lavatory life to a new level, and moving into a toilet.

Sim Jae-duck is the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association. And a guy with a title that long deserves to get his way. The 4,508-sq-foot structure features four deluxe toilets—one of which includes a misting device that helps users "feel more secure" and electronic motion sensors that lift and lower the lid when needed. And if that wasn't hilarious enough, Sim Jae-duck is letting patrons rent the house for an absurd $50,000 a day. I would take him up on it, but there's no pool. Where am I going to drop the kids off?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy busy busy!

I'd like to apologize for my lack of updates to the blog recently. I've been a very busy girl the past few weeks. I sit all day at my computer, whoring myself out working for the man. Wishing hoping dreaming I had the time to kick my feet up, sit back, relax and write something spectacular for my blog. Hopefully soon I'll find some time to do just that... until then enjoy this bunny.
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I love hot dogs... do you?

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