Sunday, March 21, 2010

blueberries, crocs and a binkie. my day is a full one.

i've been neglecting this blog for quite some time now and i've come to miss having a unique outlet of creativity and quirkiness (my friend hates the word "quirky" but it just seems fitting)... i think i've narrowed it down to two reasons. a) once you work for the man, designing for corporate day in and day out, sitting in front of the screen after hours just seems all too redundant. vegging in front of the tv netflixing old seasons of house or biggest loser is way more satisfying. and b) once you have a toddler to run after 80% of waking hours, there's simply no time for frivolous internet usage.

today we went for a stroll to the grocery store. it's a beautiful day out and we needed a few necessities. as i stood in front of the produce department perusing the blueberries i thought, "blueberries: $3.99. i think they're only $2.99 at trader joe's... should i???"

i was weighing the option heavily of walking an extra mile from vons to trader joe's to save $1.00. yes, i am that cheap! however, i call it smart. overall buying the blueberries for 4 bucks won since my kid was telling me it was nap time by whining from his stroller. however i did make that dollar back when i remembered i had a promo code for 2 dvd's for $1 at redbox. sweeeet!

we collected our movies and started the trek back home. halfway home i looked down at my kids feet and saw one croc-less foot.
he had managed to kick one of his green crocs off somewhere between here and the store. frick! i had planned our entire summer around those crocs! ($7 in near perfect condition at a second-hand kids store) as we turned around and headed back to vons, my eyes scanned the sidewalk and curbs for the escaped rubber shoe. praise the lord, we found it chilling next to redbox all the way back at the store. never before did i stress more about loosing something so precious to me. well, maybe i did stress a little too much when he threw his favorite binkie out of the stroller at disneyland. somewhere in anaheim mickey mouse is chewing on an awesome green bink. :)
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