Thursday, May 24, 2007

steamy pile

i keep a little notepad that i velcro to my remote control, and i'm pretty sure i penciled in a big CRAP next to the fox lineup this past season. fox has steadily gone downhill in my book the past few years. there was a period where it seemed like fox had all the great shows. now they only have 24. (which i think is fading fast. i haven't watched in weeks, and i'm unmotivated to catch up. since i know jack bauer is just gonna be sanding in the corner of some dark industrial hallway, back against wall, gun cocked, whispering gruffly into his CTU super secret neck microphone "i'm going in alone. keep the perimeter secure".... even though we know that no matter how tight the perimeter is, the terrorist will sneak through and get away while the cameras aren't looking). fox is known also for their schedule to be cock-jammed full of reality shows. idol started out like a yummy sandwich. crafted with love and thoughtfulness. fresh bread, sliced tomatoes, onion, cheese, lettuce, once had appeal. but then it sat on the kitchen counter for a week and now it's stale and old and stinky. the fact people still watch that show astounds me.

all in all it just seems like fox is sitting in their offices on bended knee pleading and praying to prevent viewer abandonment of the network. who knows how they'll sell their souls next season to gain the spotlight once again. stay tuned!

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