Thursday, August 26, 2010

the subtext of dawson's creek

so recently out of boredom (yea right like that's really an excuse) i watched all 6 seasons back to back of dawson's creek. why? you might ask. who knows why. it took me back to my high school days, and who doesn't like to re-live their high school days? (i mean, besides the unwed teenage mothers, juvenile delinquents and those poor kids who got picked on all the time)

as soon as i finished season one i was addicted hook line and sinker. after watching the second time around (first time being in high school when it was the melodrama & teenage angst that sucked me in) i began to notice the incredibly contrived dialogue and pretentious vocabulary (Dawson: "Is the proposition of monogamy such a jurassic notion?") these kids used. i mean, did anyone utilize the word "subtext" in a sentence when they were 15? or even 25?!?!

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