Tuesday, January 12, 2010

passive aggressive ways to tell your neighbor to F off

today i'm more than just annoyed with all the pestering and worry we receive from our neighbor. a friend suggested i re-name my wifi hotspot name so that everytime they connect to their router, they get to see mine. :) pretty darn good idea. here's a few examples from the internets...

• YourDaughterIsAWhore
• KeepThatNoiseDown
• ThosePeopleIn1583LookLikeTerrorists
• ThatLawnChairIsSoAwful
• YourWifeCheats
• IHaveYourMail
• IPoisonedYourDog
• IPoisonedYourKid
• YourPriusSucks
• GetYourOwnDSLCheapskate
• MyNetworkIsLockedJackass
• ISawYouNaked
• StopBeingAnAnnoyingNeighborAsshole!
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