Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tom Cruise Scientology Freedom Medal of Valor - Acceptance Speech, The Rest of the Video!

Here are some screen captures I took from the full length video that has popped up on the internet today debuting Tom Cruise's acceptance speech of the "Freedom Medal of Valor" at a Scientology ceremony honoring him.

Here is a wide shot with Tom Cruise & Scientology cult leader David Miscavige standing in front of the gaudy stage adornments. I love how they've over done it with the globe, wings, flames, marble and gold.

And finally, at the end of Tom's acceptance speech, he turns to salute a giant portrait of Ron L. Hubbard (Scientologist creator and Science fiction author....?)

Here's a closeup of the shiny hubcap that was dangling from Tom's neck by a ribbon. Don't you love the diamond encrusted cheesiness?

These guys really are taking their secret babysitters club totally seriously!

I think Tom Cruise loves this guy Miscavige cause he's shorter than him....

Click here for the awards ceremony and here for the pre-taped indoctrination video. Who knows how long these will actually remain up on the internet.
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Anonymous said...

Miscavige looks really jaundiced in that last capture.