Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Evolution of a Laptop









(2000) - I thought I was so badass when I got this titanium beast....




(2008) Debuting the MacBook Air. It's as thin as air!

My prediction for 2009!!!

And finally.... my Apple computer prediction for 2010....

(ps - please note that all dates & images represented here are based upon a rough guess and may not be exact.)

(pss - it's also fun to note that beginning in 1994, avid apple fans began systematically being poor because they'd have to purchase a new laptop every year in order to maintain their status as true apple followers. Something that Apple computer has continued to do well into 2008, by updating all of their products yearly so you will virtually NEVER have the shiniest new toy on the block.

(psss - sometime around 1998 they decided to shoot images from the left side rather than the right.)
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