Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are the Japanese Really As Intelligent As We Make Them Out To Be?? I Know They're Good At Math, But....

I just found this amazing website that is packed full of fun little Engrish mistakes that appear in Japanese products. English is used as a design element in Japanese products & advertising to give them a modern feel and to "look cool". There is often no attempt to try to get it right. The vast majority of the Japanese consumers never attempt to read the English design element in question. (images NSFW after jump)

The Japanese love to do the jackoff and they will sell you products for everyday high prices! Hello, Kitty has been around Since 2008. Whaaaaaa???? We all know that the toilet is a comfortable space for a better life. But please, try not to shit on the floor. And finally, to my Japanese pal Jonny, it looks like you're alone in your hatred for potatoes. Cause the kids love potatoes! WTF?

So spend the rest of your work day perusing Engrish.com for a multitude of fun Japanese slip-up's.
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Anonymous said...

Hey! You being niwer to teh Japanese! Re rill not aways be your bitches! Srome day re come to US and A and shrove Nintendo Wii contwroller up yo asses son of bitch!