Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crocs Produces Profanity-Ridden Children's Backpacks

Once upon a time, Crocs footwear decided to start producing school bags for children. They thought it would be nice to reach out to the urban market, so they designed a hip bag screened with photos of street graffiti. Seems the "f*#! you" verbage made it past the legal department, and is now making it's way into an elementary school near you!

Let's try to go out and find where we can buy one of these bags before they do a recall and pull all the fun product out of stores. Email pics if you've got one, we wanna see!
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Backpacks by Burton said...

They considered it would be awesome to arrive at out to the city industry, so they developed a hip bag tested with photographs of road graffiti. Pretty nice idea.